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FCC Plays Politics, Orders TV Stations To Publish Ad Rates Online

TV political advertising data, available to the public at TV stations and at the Federal Communications Commission, will now be available online — much to the chagrin of TV stations. In an effort to secure easier public access and to … Continue reading

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FCC and air planes . . . the missing link

Doubtless, most of the FCC licenses are subject to those who are looking for commercial use; however, there are some that are meant for individual users. We can easily demarcate them by stating that any kind of usage of ultra-high frequency (UHF) require license whereas; the usage of very high frequency (VHF) over 250 at more than 250 watts also asks for a license. Continue reading

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Careers in aviation

Who is that in the field of aviation? To answer the question, Federal Communication Commission has come up with an idea which might seem quite absurd at first. The idea is this that one who claims to be an expert in the field of aviation should have a license from FCC. The idea is not that weird as one goes into detail. The reason being, FCC is supposed to regulate electronic communications of all sorts, which definitely includes radars and radios of the modern air crafts.
Now the next question for an interested and potent candidate is how to get it. Having attained the primary practical prerequisite of getting employed as technician in avionics and get graduation degree, a few steps follow. Continue reading

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