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3 Responses to Thank You For Signing Up

  1. Lucyggg says:

    this site is very good.

  2. johnmalkin says:

    you provide, Awsome services, and connect and share latest news to everyone,


  3. michell parks says:

    I wanted to talk about internet connections. I have lived were I am at now for 14 years. I have been on dial up the whole time. I would like someting a little faster, but no one services out here. I am only able to get satellite but I have heard from others that it does not work well. What do I need to do to or speask with to find a way of getting better internet where I live. It is also for my kids school work.

    Also who do I speak with about city water. I thought the law states that everyone is supposed to be able to have pottable drinking water. We are on a well and for 14 years I have had to bring in cooking and drinking water which I have to buy. If you saw the water that came outr of the ground you would well you can make the face and say the word when you see something gross. We have a water system but it is still not drinkable. We have a large amout of salt and I believe iron in our water. It rusts everything. ruins clothes, can’t wash cars, toilets, tubs and showers are stained.

    And last but not least dirt roads. Well the only thing I can say is that my auto repair bill is larger then mosts. The city grades but it only last one or two days. And when we have really good rains we flood.
    well thanks for listening please let me know if I am in the right spot. michell Parks

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