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Satellite earth and space station regulations. Rules for use of satellite technology for direct to home purposes.

Satellite Licenses Approval

In order to expedite the authorization process, FCC, all the applications for satellite licenses are grouped in to two categories, GSO and NGSO. The GSO or geosynchronous orbit applications are served on first come basis. The NGSO or the non-geosynchronous orbit satellites are clubbed according to their frequencies for review. Continue reading

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How Does FCC Regulate Satellite Licenses

In the field of radio and tv broadcasting, the FCC issues broadcast licenses (without charge) to radio and tv stations in provided they uphold their commitment to serve community needs. The FCC has the power to levy fines to stations or revoke licenses should the stations be in violation of the FCC rules. The Commission also regulates the ownership of media, which includes how many stations a single company can own and their cross-ownership, if any, of different media sectors like broadcast stations and newspapers. Continue reading

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Federal Communication Commission Satellite Licenses – Satellite Internet

Internet via satellite is governed by most of the rules for other types of broadband services because it is considered as broadband. One of these rules governs the speed which must be 200 kbps minimum. The internet services must always be on although disruptions due to inclement weather are allowed. Plus, it must support VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Continue reading

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Changes in Satellite Licensing: What You Should Know

Change in frequency bands

Before filing the application for the alterations in the license, a public notice of 30 days is to be given before the alterations are approved.

In case of minor alterations, the satellite users need to intimate the FCC within 30 days of implementing the changes. These include: Continue reading

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