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Services delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet Protocol Suite over a packet-switched network infrastructure. Internet Television.

What is taking the Apple competitors so long to come at par with it?

Apple has always maintained its position as the ruler in the producers of the finest technologies. From iPod MP3 players to the latest iPad, it has shown its competitors that it’s not going down, now or never. The Apple computers have always reigned in the minds and hearts of the consumers and so it has always stayed on top. Continue reading

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FCC’s AllVid Proposal in STBs

Consumers are increasingly accessing video from multiple sources, including MVPD services, the Internet, DVDs, and over-the-air broadcasting. The FCC wanted to promote innovation and consumer choice in the video device marketplace by issuing a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) which seeks input on ways to foster a more competitive marketplace for navigation devices and in particular calls for comment on a standardized interface that enables smart video devices to bring video from all of these sources together for ease of selection, recording, and viewing. Continue reading

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LIME TV and Broadcasting – The Andromeda Strain and My Science Project

In the lexicon of youth, which Fate reserves For a bright manhood, there is no such word As – fail! Bulwer-Lytton, Richelieu, III, 1 A long drive back in from an interview in Kingston is my proffered excuse for being a tad late in clanking on my steam punk-seque designed PC, another letter of my ang … Continue reading

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The real value of Widevine to Google

Deals Initial takes on Google’s acquisition of Widevine have focused primarily on the power of Widevine’s widely used DRM technology to help Google curry favor with content owners wary of Google TV and YouTube (see here, here and here). Also getting mentioned are the potential for Widevine’s extensi … Continue reading

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