How to file a complaint with the FCC

The FCC has its own Consumer Help Center and filing a complaint is easy. The Federal Communication Commission helps helps consumers through information, complaint mediation and regulatory policy.

Currently the top consumer issues as stated by the are:

Parents’ Place

Privacy and Online Security

Consumer Broadband Test

Bill Shock

Early Termination Fees

Wireless World Traveler Tips

Fact Sheet Library

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Consumer complaints could be filed here:

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37 Responses to How to file a complaint with the FCC

  1. Don ewing says:

    The apartment complex I recently moved to told me I could
    set up my own dish for satellite TV reception and even put me in a
    bldg that was located to take advantage of an unobstructed signal
    path. I was told I could set this dish on a tripod inside the
    balcony of my 2nd story apt. Yesterday, (12/22/10) my outside cable
    lines were cut and my service interrupted by the manegement company
    that owns this complex. I’ve been told that now I have to receive
    my signal and service thru them on their carrier only. I don’t have
    the money to fight this and am just wondering whether you know if
    there is anything that can be done on my behalf? The apartment
    complex is Old Monterey Apartments Springfield, Missouri 65807
    Sincerely, Don Ewing 207 E. Montclair Apt #2A Springfield, MO

  2. william webster says:

    my complaint is, why is all the commercials on tv louder than the show im watching? and every channel is different. it makes it hard to channel surf and look for something to watch when my child is asleep. i have to turn the volume almost all the way down as to not disturb her while she sleeps. its very annoying. cant something be done about this. i know it never used to be like this in the past. and no it isnt my tv because it does it on every tv i have. send me an email please if you can answer this .

    thanks for your time

  3. ed cope says:

    Isnt the decibel level on all advertisements to be cut down
    to the normal listening level by a new fcc regulation effective
    jan. 1,2011? Please advise.

  4. Jay W Rugg says:

    I have been a Dish Subscriber for 10 years, of which I use
    two receivers and travel through out the US. I had been able to
    receive the Denver major channels where ever I am until this Jan
    2011. Now I am told that FCC will not allow this. Is this true?
    Thanks you in advance. Jay

  5. Kenneth High says:

    I agree with the posting of William Webster. The
    commercials are completely out of hand. I thought a law controlled
    the volume increase in the past. Was I wrong? Can this be
    corrected? HELP!

  6. Sam Rivera says:

    why do radio station with a d licence have different time .
    why cant they all go off the air at one time every day, lets say at seven pm., or why can’t they operate at night at lets say 100 watts.
    why shuold I here a station in saintlouis ,missouri when I’m in Bflo NY. east coast.

  7. Larry G. Dowd says:

    I would love to hear programs without the disturbing background noises such as music, storms, crowd noise and others. I have two hearing aids and a device that transmits sound from TV to the hearing aids and the background tripe all but wipes out the conversations. Is it necessary to have loud music to drown out any kind of talk?

  8. Gene McKissack says:

    The volume on commercials is definitely still a problem and needs a fix. I had also thought there had been some fix that was supposed to be put in place by regulation but have not seen it yet.
    Beyond the volume problem, there are entirely too many commercials on every channel and every program these days. I think consumers are being treated very unfair to “have to pay for TV and most of the time is spent on commercials”. The stations and cable companies are getting paid well to run the commercials so the consumer should not have to “pay” to watch. This is something that should definitely be under regulation if anything. TV Programming except for maybe premium movie channels should be “Free”. We are paying to watch ‘commercials’ that are attempting to ‘sell’ us something.
    Everyone should push for this change.

  9. Larry Hayes says:

    I live in Oregon in Linn county 1 (one) mile from the
    border of Lane county and right agains I5 Freeway and am told that
    I cannot recieve local channels from Eugene, Oregon (10 miles away)
    because I am In the Portland local broadcast area (100 miles away).
    I had Dish network for a while and they refused to provide Eugene
    local broadcast area news and weather programs, as I could care
    less about the general program broadcasting as most of it is
    garbage anyway, so we switched to Direct TV and were able to get
    local news, weather and sports broadcasts and just recently they
    changed their mind and said we had to recieve Portland area
    broadcasting which never provides information for our area. I was
    told that these were regulations placed by the FCC so I looked up
    the regulations and the FCC does not place reulations for local
    broadcasting. What can I do to get this changed and do you the FCC
    regulate broadcasting of local news, weather and sports
    programming? Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter,
    Larry Hayes

  10. Jim says:

    You should all go home, leave the business of communications to the people. Stop taking our money and telling us how you are keeping us safe . Just shut down & do the 1st amendment a favor. Thanks

  11. Cathy Stroun says:

    I really resent that the need for internet access has been
    crammed down my throat in today’s world but the access to the
    affordable speed needed to operate is still being denied rural
    residents. When will the access providers be made to provide
    everyone the same high speed service. Why are rural residents in
    this country still being treated like second class citizens. It’s
    not like we live in an under developed foriegn country. It takes 3
    hrs, THAT’S 3 HRS!!!!!!!! just to download (every other day) the
    security updates I need for my internet security software. Even
    government offices, When you go to their office and ask for a rules
    and regulations pamplet on a particular subject they tell you they
    don’t publish them anymore and that I should go on the internet and
    download what I need. Yeah, Right like that’s an option for
    everyone equally. I tried it once and the website I was trying to
    download from only remains available for a certain amount of time
    for downloading so I lost the connection before the download was
    complete. I thought it was lost by my dialup provider but no, I was
    informed it was due to the fact that the site I was downloading
    from didn’t allow long enouph for the download. Please listen to us
    out here and get it done!!!, Every time I sign up on a list to be
    informed by a high speed internet provider I’m told it will be
    available soon, I’ve been told that now for 10!!!!!! years. enouph

  12. vern krawagna says:

    I am totaly appauled at the rants & raves of Rush
    limbaugh. This individual is insulting to everyone except on the
    extreme right.Many other broadcasters have been fired or dismissed
    for lesser rants. It is time to repremend him & shut his
    useless, uneducated show down. He would do much better advertizing
    for OXYCOTON commercials

  13. upsetmother89 says:

    I think everyone at the FCC should get a real life and not one that tells us how to raise our kids!!! As a mother of a 2 year old I watch what my son looks at on tv, and that responsibility lies the the parents not people who probably don’t even have children running a buissness to take away our 1st amendment right.

    Becauseof the FCC I don’t even get to watch “adult” television anymore. Please as a very upset citizen of the United Stated of America, I am begging you to return power to the peolple of America to decide what gets watched on their television sets. Man invented the V-CHIP so that we could chose what promgrams our kids watch, and I personaly use the V-CHIP myself for the safty of my son, and I am sure there are several parents who will agree with me on this matter. PLEASE, GIVE US BACK OUR RIGHTS!!!!!

  14. Everythink that has been said concerning the profanity,
    having to pay to watch TV, loud commercials with loud music during
    the actual programs, and to many commercials is so true. Since
    Congress is involved in so many things that they shouldn’t be why
    don’t they get in on this one and make everyone happy.

  15. Frosty says:

    I am a resident of NJ. Our cable provider COMCAST “enhanced” their system which meant anyone getting their service had to add boxes to their TV or all channels would be lost by February 8th. We had a very nice set up at our house before the “technicians” arrived. Since we have Comcast cables running through out home we decided to “bundle’ the phone and internet. What a joke. We lost our phone signal for a day, the inernet which used to be wireless is now back to wired!!! (and that’s with a router they installed) our Tivo reecorders have be rendered useless and our Netflix Roku box is crippled! They obviously did not upgrade OUR system we are waiting for the third visit by a “technician”( and I use the word loosely )to get us back to where we can use our devices again. Why are the companies allowed to do what they do in the name of making things better!! I don’t need 120 stations, HD, or whatever. I just want decent programming and the equipment I invested in able to work! Why does it always end up costing the little guy money?? We tried swithching companies, but their customer service was just as bad and unpredictable.

  16. Rose Zukiewicz says:

    I want to report a phone number which has been dialing my
    cell for the past few days. It occurs at least three times a day.
    The number which calls me is 859 283 8071. Thank you, Rose
    Zukiewicz Huntersville, NC 28078

  17. Cathleen A. Martin says:

    As a citizen of Mecosta County, Fork Township and the
    Village of Barryton, I am writing to ask your assistance in getting
    adequate cell phone coverage for our area. In today’s day and age,
    there is no reason for the people of our area to be without
    adequate coverage. It is a major safety concern for our citizens, a
    major inconvenience for our citizens and keeps us at an unfair
    advantage to others around us when it comes to trying to run our
    businesses, advance ourselves educationally, or even just being a
    consumer in this state. We have attempted before to attract the
    attention of cell phone providers to erect a tower in our area to
    no avail. We have been told that these companies base the decision
    on where to place towers based on minutes of usage in the area.
    Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if there
    is no cell service, that there probably won’t be a large amount of
    cell usage. In our small area we have pulled together and begun
    trying our best to help our small towns survive economically in
    Michigan’s dwindling economy. If a business can’t have cell service
    or adequate internet service, this only makes owning and operating
    a business more difficult. Our citizens can only receive emergency
    services if those services are dispatched through the county
    offices 25 miles away. There have been multiple instances recently
    where emergency services were needed and could have been provided
    in a much more efficient manner if one was simply able to use a
    cell phone to call for it. We ask that you might advocate for our
    area to receive the attention of the cell phone companies in the
    state so that we may too have a fighting chance to compete in
    Michigan’s recovery and have access to the same services as the
    rest of the residents in Michigan. We trust you will represent our
    interests in any way possible to help us get the attention of those
    making decisions as to where they will provide their services Thank
    you in advance for you assistance on this matter. Sincerely,
    Cathleen A. Martin, Clerk Fork Township

  18. sandra tuszynski says:

    why is the fcc letting comcast get away with these skyhigh fees and service charges ??? the monthly invoice is harder to read than any irs form,yet they are now permitted to go forward with the GE/NBC deal is this a monopoly and against the law ???

  19. gene says:

    Be nice yea right all I have to say is people pay all this money for tv and we the people have to sit thur all the commercials are you ****ing kidding me. I am pissed off that I have to sit and watch the same ones over and over. You are telling me that you guys can’t come up with a way to scroll the companies name on the bottom of the tv. You guys ****ing suck and you guys are ripping people off. You want people to be nice yea right. I watch an hour show and half of it is commercials. And the worst is watching sports on tv there is a commercial every 10 min. All I want to say is thank god for dvr. So take the commercials and stick it up your ****ing ass.

  20. Diana Johnston says:

    I live in the Northeast corner of Ga. Martin,Ga. 30557. We have service from Direct Tv. When we lived in Loganville,Ga 30052 our service was Direct Tv out of Atlanta,Ga. Now that we moved to Martin,Ga we get our service out of South Carolina. The objection I have to having the SC stations is that they do not include any of the northeast corner of Ga. in weather alerts. We do not hear anything about sever weather alerts until they are in the Carolina’s. However, The Atlanta stations do give alerts for all of Ga. So my question is why can’t we go to the Atlanta stations?

    Thank you for your help,
    Diana Johnston

  21. GLYNDA EDELMAN says:

    I am unable to send e-mail, to communicate or access my 15
    year old daughters public school site, or make calls to
    complain to internet providers and such. Once a busy signal to
    local Sheriffs office. My computer is constantly scripted even to
    FCC. Someone suggested I change providers and receive my own IP
    address. My husband and I are separated, divorce is in litigation.
    It has recently come to my attention he may have a license radio
    mobility 700mhc and is a block license. I have had the new IP for 2
    days and it have already changed to static. If this is a license
    regarding people with disabilities getting out why can’t I? Yours
    Truly, Glynda Edelman

  22. hergenrother says:

    I have this past aquaintance sending me some real unique four letter words on some past e-mails. What is the best way to quiet this namecaller. I have copied the past few e-mails can I forward these
    copies to the FCC to repromand this poor user of the internet. Please
    advise. Jack

  23. Sally says:

    After paying a vacation fee of $23 per month to Century Link for 6 months, we discovered Vonage and now can save our home number and snowbird number in Fl. When we switched to Vonage on Nov. 3 we thought we were done with Century Link. Not so, because our billing period begins on the 1st of the month, we are obligated to pay the prorate of $19.92 for the 3 days in Nov. even though we never used their service. I called, thinking it was obviously a mistake. No sir and mam, that was what I owed for having my number “saved” for 3 days. He said he would take off the late fee of $5 (I never got a bill before this one)so those three days only cost $15. If I don’t pay, I will get sent to collection, so they will try to keep adding late fees forever, I guess. Talk about a raw deal. How do these companies get away with exorbitant fees for no service anyway. The FCC must allow it so is it also a revenue raiser for them also?

  24. Tanveer Ali says:

    Respected Sir / Madam
    I wish to make a complaint against Verizon Wireless’s new policy of charging $2 for consumers to make a bill payment over telephone and internet. I beleive that the FCC is patronizing and allowing massive companies like Verizon to take full advantage of the consumers. This is sad and I feel it will only get worse, When will the FCC put an end to these greedy policies of big corporations?

  25. Joan Hipps says:

    Iam appaulded at what is said and showed on T.V. No wonder the kids know so much. no decency.

  26. Andrea Fuhrman says:

    I’m uncomfortable with the lack of adequate research regarding the safety of low frequency electromagnetic fields that result when cell antennas are installed on a roof in a downtown building. The World Health Organization states that those RF/MW radiation is possibly carcinogenic to humans. The International Association of Firefighters don’t want them above their firemen who are spending time at the fire station. See:

    Why put antennas on a building where people live and work directly underneath? Baseline studies need to be conducted BEFORE such installation as well as after, by independent researchers not funded by the telecommunications industry.

    I’m afraid for my health and the health of my neighbors. The FCC is a govt agency. Is there a way to petition the siting of such antenna be out in a field away from human habitation? Other studies apparently have been funded by the telecommunications stating the RF/MW are safe. Are they really? It’s just that there isn’t enough research conducted over time to actually know. The govt used to say DDT was safe. Asbestos. Uranium. Help!

  27. Renee says:

    My husband filled out a form for a weekend getaway at Branson MO. I understand they have the right to call me about it. BUT after I tell them we’re not interested they kept calling me. It was on auto dial so several times I would answer and no one was there. When I did get a person they would talk over the top of me never letting me say “No”. Finally after 10 phone calls in in 1 week I asked for a supervisor and he agrued with me! It was pure and simple harrassment! What gives them the right to keep calling after I already told them no?

  28. Huldah's Caribbean Cuisine says:

    Siince the 1/23/12 my Business Telephone Line is down, I am losing business up to now and it is not reinstated as yet. today 2/6/12. I called ATT and I was informed my number is in another business name with another company and they will put an order to retrieve it again. I am wondering who did this to me and if this could be traced because this person should compensate me for the business I lost. many of my customers thought that I had closed when they could not reach the business by phone.

  29. Kenny Hughes says:

    You need to sencer or have the show “The Doctors” moved to late night. I have young children at home and most of their shows talk about sex. This week, 2/20/12 they are talking about how to increase the size of your penis. Today they talked about squirting orgasems by women. This show should NOT be on in the daytime.

  30. Dani Padovano says:

    Does any one have trouble with the TIVO that requires a cable card? Ours cable service keeps going out and after several techs coming to fix it we finally got one who said Comcast keeps changing the codes on our account because they dont like that they cant charge for the cable cards because they dont own the equipment and they do it on purpuse because they hope we will go thry comcast for a DVR so they can bill us for that. Wondering if anyone else is experienceing the same problems.

  31. P. Stewart says:

    Where is the FCC???
    They go after Imus & Limbaugh but when one of the “Big Dogs” like NBC
    edits tapes to sensationalize their so called reporting NOTHING happens. “Bought and Paid For” comes to mind. What is supposed to work for the betterment and benefit of the public is nothing more than a tool of big government and a lap dog of the liberial media.

  32. russotter says:

    My wife and I are would like to file a formal FCC Complaint towards Verizon. The company in general is sound, but its service is less than adequate on many information levels, they fail to be accurate. Hence they can persuade a new User to subscribe based on mis-information, that they are not adequately trained to share. I do not hold them in contempt for lying, but the results are the same. They told us that we would have access to certain channels, and they were wrong, and yet took no corrective action. Yet here we are having already paid for an early termination fee with another vendor, and were on the hook to Verizon, for less than promised service. They ought to be held to task for such actions.

    Thank You, Russ and Vicki Otter

  33. james capron says:

    I walked in the Sprint store in boca raton to get a flip flop down and pay my bill and buy a new phone. The manager Chris seemed very upset that he had to work. He started helping me out. Then I stepped out and when I came back in to pay my bill and get my upgrade. He became very rude with me starting cursing and said they were going to refuse to sell me an iphone. His customer service is horrible and he should not be working there I wasn’t even allowed to pay my bill there. I have been with Sprint since 2008 and always pay my bill. They are a joke.

  34. Richard Buhle says:

    I am trying to understand just what it is that the FCC does to protect us from smut on TV.
    I just saw a commercial from “JACK IN THE BOX” showing a scrabble board and the jist of it was without jack in the box you get “NONOOKIE”. I am quite sure you do have a few adults in your employ that understand exactly what that phrase means. What is next?
    understand Congress is loaded with Barney Franks and others of various
    sexual preferences. But,that does not mean this type of advertising
    should be allowed. Show me it is justifiable to have an organization such as the FCC in existence. My other option is to start a email campaign to eliminate the FCC if they are indeed as useless as they now appear to be. I also go along with the rants regarding the volume (sound) and volume (number) of commercials per programming hour. This enterprise started at $9.95/month without interruption of the shows,
    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? To me, this is indicative of payoffs to your industry by sponsors. I do remember,as do others the DISC JOCKEY PAYOFFS of the 50’s- 60’s. Please make them give an honest return for
    the payment of over $150.00/ month I need to expend. It appears to be
    a 150 percent increase since cables introducion to the marketplace.
    That in my humble opinion is unsconsionable.

  35. patrick west says:

    why is a little town in mercer tn is the last to get highspeed internet speed at&t said that they can’t up the speed becouse that fcc won’t let them and i won’t to know why? I would like to watch hd tv but we can’t get the speed it looks like other little town’s around has the highspeed i thank if other town’s so shoud this town

  36. richard lesko says:

    dear fcc. I would like to know why professional land mobile radios are not converted to cb. frs. vhf. uhf. ham. and in stores. thank you, Richard lesko 15110.

  37. Linda King says:

    Yes, my complaint is with Metro PCS, they advertise a plan offering of $30 unlimited talk, text & data, which I subscribe to, yet they are consistently sending me text messages telling me I need to pay $5.oo for more data use, in fact I just caved in on 12/26 & paid for 1 gb of additional data, but I thought unlimited meant “no limit”, are they justified in requiring me to pay for my data use..when their ad advertises “unlimited” data for the &30 monthly fee, is their ad false advertisement?

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