Licensing Systems

The Federal Communication Commission has a very efficient licensing system in place and the various rules and regulations mentioned in them needs to be followed appropriately by the applicants. The ULS or the Universal Licensing System ensures that the applications can be filed electronically.  Whenever an applicant wants to follow this procedure of application, a radio activated process code takes center stage and proper guidance is provided. The process continues until the final submission of the application is completed.

The availability of the ULS system has made the application process all the more easier and some of the most important information regarding name of applicant, file number and also the purpose of the application can be obtained.  Whenever information is sought on the licenses, some of the ways to search can possibly be licensee name, radio service or call sign. With the assistance of the ULS system all the data surrounding the application process associated with the license system can be downloaded fast. The map of the area in which the license is being given can also be viewed through the organized process of ULS.

The second licensing system which FCC offers deals with the radio and the television medium. This particular system is popularly termed as the CDBS. With the assistance of this system, the application forms related to the radio and television medium can be submitted electronically. There is also an access link which has been made public and all the information can be easily obtained from there.

The third licensing system which is run by the FCC is called the COALS. It is the licensing system which involves the operations of the cable operators. The system works exclusively for both the public and the operators. The operators can register for fresh licenses online and the public can also check out the various services which they provide in a detailed way.

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  1. lazaro f. guerra says:

    how can i get license for a radio station? i want to start a radio station am or fm i know fm is hard to get but am is posible spacial in a small area i live in miami fl i want to know if a can put a am radio station let me now please and the cost to start thank you Lazaro F. Guerra

  2. James T says:

    Hey Lazaro,
    in order to start a radio station you’ll need to file with the FCC. It could be tedious process, but it’s required by the FCC. There is plenty of information on FCC’s site at FCC.GOV.
    I would recommend that you start by reading the New Users guide for ULS (Universal Licensing System)here:
    You will have to do the following, but I do encourage you to read the guide above first:
    1. Register here:
    2. Provide your information including Social Security Number for an individual registration or EIN (Employers Identification Number) for business registration.
    3. Choose you credentials (username, password etc.)
    4. Once registered, you” have to use your FRN (FCC Registration Number) and password to apply and manage licenses.
    5. Under the heading “To continue on to another FCC Filing system,” choose ULS.
    6. An intermediate screen will appear. If you have existing call signs or antenna structure registrations (but were not previously assigned an FRN), you must “associate” these records with your newly-issued FRN in ULS. Select ULS License Manager to associate call signs with your FRN. To associate ASR numbers with your FRN, select ASR Online Filing.
    Check this page as well for more help or you can call the FCC for help at 202-418-2662.

    I believe the application you need is 302-FM Application for FM Broadcast Station License.

  3. norman hart says:

    My Marine Radio Operator Permit has an expiration date of 09-20-12. Since this is a life time license now how can I get a copy without an expiration date on it?
    Thank you,
    Norman Hart

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