FCC Licensing

When the various manufacturers dealing with the electronic market in the United States comes out with the equipments, a certification by the FCC is one of the utmost necessities. All the equipments which are operational in the United States market needs to be authorized by the FCC. As per the Federal regulation code which is an integral part of the U.S. constitutional draft, all the equipments needs to be tested by the FCC standards. There are various types of equipments which are tested and ranges from medical equipments, equipments used for scientific purposes, information technology related equipments, radio equipments and home electronic appliances.

Whenever the equipment samples are submitted to the FCC, a number of procedures are followed one after the other. The product is fully tested by the experts in the FCC laboratories and after the examination process is over, the various other aspects like information related to labels, lists of the parts, schematic diagrams, user manuals and tune up data are provided. There are two types of certifications which are provided on an overall basis and they can be termed as both licensed and unlicensed. Some of the examples of the licensed devices may be termed as base stations and cellular phones. But the example of the unlicensed devices can be termed as something like the Bluetooth and the Wi Fi which are meant to be used by the general public.

As far as the quality of the certification provided by the FCC is concerned, the nationally recognized laboratory testing mechanism is involved with the process. So all the equipments are tested by the experts and no discrepancy is encouraged in this regard. It is mandatory that all the equipments manufacturers in the United States follow the FCC induced guidelines before their products are released in the open market.

3 Responses to FCC Licensing

  1. RENE GONZALEZ says:

    How do I get a license to install a communication tower in
    my propety in PATILLAS PUERTO RICO, miles from closer homes,to
    provide celular access to hundreds of people where is non. Thanks
    alot for your time.

  2. joel conserve says:

    Hi i would like to know if the minority community can’t have access to have atleast a low power fm to help them in many ways.
    The Haitian community in Orlando fl would like to know if other communities have many radios stations,why they can’t have just one.
    Joel Conserve
    thank you.

  3. Marples, Dean says:

    How do I go about renewing my license for call sign WNJU676 with no changes. my e-mail address is dmarples@windstream.net

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