FCC and air planes . . . the missing link

One simply might wonder that what Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has got to do with aviation and licenses. Let’s jot down the relationship. FCC was established in 1934 and it is an independent agency of US government. It is meant to control the non-federal use of radio spectrum by the US government as well as all the interstate and international telecommunication. In short, it is supposed to adjust majority of the electronic communications like TV, radio and wireless, etc. in US. The operation of any these requires some sort of license from FCC.

The chief tasks, which the FCC licenses cover, include satellite transmission, TV, wireless functions, and means used for codes transmission in transportation. Any form of communication rather the FCC checks electronic communication happening in US and those international communications also come in the district of FCC, which either originates in the soil of US or is meant to be here, along with those, which get transmitted through.

That’s the point where air planes make their entry! The commission also provides licenses for particular types of airplanes and those operators who work from ships in order to communicate. Therefore, as obvious, in this era of integration and interdependencies, one cant even dream to fly a plane, be it a private one, without being in connection with the world around; for the purpose one needs to communicate in particular bandwidth and that’s where FCC make their way and asks to get a license.

Doubtless, most of the FCC licenses are subject to those who are looking for commercial use; however, there are some that are meant for individual users. We can easily demarcate them by stating that any kind of usage of ultra-high frequency (UHF) require license whereas; the usage of very high frequency (VHF) over 250 at more than 250 watts also asks for a license.

If one is transmitting without a license particularly in the context when one is supposed to have a license, one is convicted for committing a federal crime. The excuse of unawareness is given no respect in this case. To put in simple terms, the FCC follows Buddha’s words and believes that “ignorance is sin”. One should keep it in mind that the process of attaining a license might get prolonged up to 2 weeks and one should begin a good time ahead of the usage.

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