Careers in aviation

Moving on and on, on the foot, the human race has travelled so much that they can fly. Now as the economic conditions gets better and better, more and more of the population will be able to save time via enjoying the luxury of air travel implying that there is no dearth of opportunities in the career of aviation, be it any post.

The room for any evil genius in any field won’t ever end definitely; but who is that in the field of aviation? To answer the question, Federal Communication Commission has come up with an idea which might seem quite absurd at first. The idea is this that one who claims to be an expert in the field of aviation should have a license from FCC. The idea is not that weird as one goes into detail. The reason being, FCC is supposed to regulate electronic communications of all sorts, which definitely includes radars and radios of the modern air crafts.

Now the next question for an interested and potent candidate is how to get it. Having attained the primary practical prerequisite of getting employed as technician in avionics and get graduation degree, a few steps follow.

The first step is to take the FCC General Radio Telephone Operator exam; although a graduate in avionic would easily be able to go through even then there are preparatory books available in the market. The exam contains only two sections which are to be written. In the first section, there are questions regarding the law and practice of basic radio systems. In this section 18 out of 24 questions are supposed to be answered correctly. In the second section 57 out of 76 questions are supposed to be answered correctly and this section is all about maintenance, operations and repair.

It is afterwards that you go for the form 605 of FCC. It is not to be forgotten that there are many chances of career growth once somebody gets in. Even the people who are referred to as technicians in avionics, they may get highly rewarded as they keep on getting experience. These technicians having gained experience may gain the posts of supervision, executive officers or may even get appointed by FAA as an inspector.

To cut the long story short, if you want to pursue to a career in aviation and telecommunication in aviation, go for it; this field still has got a lot of room.

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