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The End of NFL Blackouts is Near

Blackout usually relates to the broadcasting of sports events, television programming, that is prohibited in a certain media market. The NFL TV blackout policy states that for a game to be shown in the team’s local market. There were 16 … Continue reading

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LightSquared to FCC: it’s our spectrum, interference is GPS industry’s problem

Embattled wholesale satellite broadband contender LightSquared has taken off the gloves. The company has asked the Federal Communications Commission for a “declaratory ruling” confirming its right to use spectrum licensed to the company by the FCC. Not only that, but … Continue reading

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Professor Schulzrinne as Chief Technology Officer

Chairman Julius Genachowski announced today the appointment of Henning Schulzrinne as Chief Technology Officer. FCC Chairman Genachowski said, “I’m delighted that Henning will be joining us. The communications technology revolution is key to our economy and broad opportunity. With the … Continue reading

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Eddie Lazarus announced his resignation

Chief of staff of the Federal Communications Commission Eddie Lazarus announced his resignation on Tuesday after fighting brutal battles over Internet access rules and the reviews of two massive mergers. The former head of the Los Angeles office for the … Continue reading

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Loud Commercials Addressed by the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today took a major step toward eliminating one of the most persistent problems of the television age – loud commercials.  The Commission adopted a Report and Order that implements the 2010 Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (the … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone 4 – it is official – FCC

Well, it is finally official. Verizon announced today a CDMA/EVDO version of the

iPhone 4. The device will be using Verizon’s CDMA/EVDO network but it is not

compatible with its LTE4G network.

Verizon subscribers will be able to score the gadget for $200 for the 16GB and $300

for the 32GB versions with a two year contract. Verizon had also announced that the

iPhone available with them has changes necessary to comply with its network and

improvements of the of the iPhone 4’s antenna. Continue reading

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FCC and air planes . . . the missing link

Doubtless, most of the FCC licenses are subject to those who are looking for commercial use; however, there are some that are meant for individual users. We can easily demarcate them by stating that any kind of usage of ultra-high frequency (UHF) require license whereas; the usage of very high frequency (VHF) over 250 at more than 250 watts also asks for a license. Continue reading

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FCC chairman seeks conditions on Comcast, NBC deal

The head of the Federal Communications Commission is proposing regulatory conditions to ensure that cable TV giant Comcast Corp. cannot stifle competition in the video market once it takes control of NBC Universal.

The conditions laid out Thursday by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are intended to guarantee that satellite providers and other rival television services can still carry marquee NBC programming and that new Internet video distributors can get the content they need to grow and compete. Continue reading

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Careers in aviation

Who is that in the field of aviation? To answer the question, Federal Communication Commission has come up with an idea which might seem quite absurd at first. The idea is this that one who claims to be an expert in the field of aviation should have a license from FCC. The idea is not that weird as one goes into detail. The reason being, FCC is supposed to regulate electronic communications of all sorts, which definitely includes radars and radios of the modern air crafts.
Now the next question for an interested and potent candidate is how to get it. Having attained the primary practical prerequisite of getting employed as technician in avionics and get graduation degree, a few steps follow. Continue reading

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How to file a complaint with the FCC

We at encourage you to enter into a debate about anything that relates to the FCC or simply post your rants and raves. We are your platform to speak and be heard. reaches tens of thousands of readers every day. Feel free to Register or Log In and post your opinion, complaint, vision or review of any service related issues you might have. Be heard! Continue reading

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