FCC Introduction

The FCC or the Federal Communications Commission is one of the important government agencies from the United States which functions on an independent basis. In the year 1834, the Communications Act was introduced in the country. The objective of launching such an act was the smooth monitoring of international and interstate communication which acts as one of the topmost priorities for the government.  With the progress of time, there are various areas of communication which the organization needs to look after and some of them can be termed as cable, satellite, radio, television and wire. As the United States consists of 50 states in all, the FCC covers all of them and also the border areas which surround them.

The honorary President of the United States has a major role to play in the organizational function as five of the commissioners are appointed by him in this regard. After the appointment of the commissioners is finalized, the Senate also has an integral role to play as they need to be confirmed for continuing for a period of 5 years.  It is also the prime responsibility of the President to provide the additional task of being the Chairperson to one commissioner out of the lot.

Whenever the commissioners of the organization are being elected, it also needs to be taken into account that more than three cannot belong to similar political parties. When the business of the commission is being executed, they also do not have any chance to engage in any kind of financial interest.  The organizational structure of the organization begins with the Chairman who is also considered as the chief executive in this regard. He nominates a Managing Director for the organization and all the affairs are supervised by the group of commissioners. There are also various bureaus and staff units which look after the different activities of the commission.

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