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FCC is one of the reputed government organizations from the United States and it definitely needs to adhere to certain standards of customer service. Living up to these standards and looking after the various needs of the customers with a methodical mindset is one of the prerogatives of the organization. Whenever a customer approaches the FCC for the fulfillment of certain requirements, he or she is provided a gracious welcome and are also encouraged to provide their feedback on the same. The list and the activities of the standards of customer service are as follows:

Walk In Aid: Whenever the customers walks into the information centers operated by the FCC, they are provided with a very good welcome by the well behaved staff. The customers who seek information are recommended two solutions. If it is readily available, within a space of 30 minutes, the information is provided. But if it is not instantly available, the date and time of the next expected communication is provided.

Enquiry By Telephone: If the customers are not able to walk in to the FCC offices due to the lack of time or other commitments on their side, telephonic enquiries can be made. The numbers are provided on the official website of the FCC. Voice messages can also be left which are usually replied within a period of 3 days.

Information Over Internet: This is one of the best ways to access the information as most of the details are provided on the FCC website.

Email Based Information: For certain specific information, email based communication is also allowed by the FCC. The customers need to state their query on the mail and it is usually answered within a period of 3 to 20 days at the maximum. The email id is provided in the official website of the FCC for the convenience of the customers.

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  1. The Club HOA/Linda says:

    We have been crammed by 2 companies who have refused to refund us. We are billed through Verizon. Are you the correct agency to deal with this? What can we do.

  2. david rizzo says:

    I called AT@T to step of at payment today December 20th and the system said they would take out the money on Jan. 3rd and I agrees then ATT pinged by bank account two times causing a charge from my bank account for $29.00 the first and $35.00 the second time for a total of $64.00. I call att and talked to a manager who said that that is standard practice, even though they had my bank account on file. This system did not inform me that they were going to take out $1.00 per try. at this point my account was 5.00 dollars under which caused me to bounce the checks. THIS IS FROD.


    she then said that I have to fax my bank statement to them and wait until they review my account. This is first before Christmas I need your help with this violation please.

    my case number with AT@T is CM20101220_15560724

    I look forward to your help

    David M Rizzo

  3. James T says:

    Dear Linda,
    FCC.com is not affiliated with the Federal Communications Commission. Please visit FCC.gov or visit http://www.fcc.gov/contacts.html in order to contact the FCC.

  4. this website that i have listed is a fraud. everything about it is fake. i went to order a dvd on amazon and there was a 3 to 6 week wait for delivery. just below was what they had themselves listed as ( a sponsered link). the dvd i wanted from amazon was listed as being cheaper. iwent on to the website(dvdseasonbuy.com)and filled out all the info. to place an order. after doing so there was a button to check out my order info. but what it really was ,placing my order. i tried to go back and couldn’t. i tried to get back into my account and could not. they had a (live chat box to chat with someone about any problems you were having) what poped up was you were sending them an e-mail. i clicked on forget password, many times, and recieved no response. i tried calling the phone number at the bottom of the page: +01 336-505-9008. got a recording that the number does not exist. i then got a verizon operator involved, she told me that the 33 inthe first set of numbers ment france. and that i had to dial (011) to get to that number. with her assistance we tried again. same result. number does not exist. when the cgarge showed up in my bank account it was from china. i had to close out my card at my bank and go through the hassel of filing a report. to this day i have no recieved an e-mail or any notification that an order has been placed or shipped. no response to a slew of e-mails i have sent to this fraudulent website

  5. ralph says:

    The Fcc.Gov is one nasty agency to deal with.. I recently
    filed a complaint against a wireless company and was called and an
    FCC Gov staffer left a message on answer machine to return call.. I
    did but when she answered she kept asking my last name.. I kept
    repeating..and she kept asking as if it was bogus or something..
    laughingly I said why is my last name not allowed? She went
    ballistic and said I was not allowed to get smart with her… she
    went on to suggest I was disrespecting her by laughing.. so I hung
    up.. trying to resolve an issue with my cell carrier via FCC
    complaint system is thus a waste of time as the DC office there is
    not capable of dealing with public even though that is their job.
    Sons of Bushes! what a useless taxpayer supported agency.. it’s all
    about their needs and not us.. the dummies that pay for their

  6. Larry G. Dowd says:

    Who does a person address when requesting help for the hearing impaired. I am 70 yrs old, wear two hearing aids and enjoy watching TV on a regular basis. However, it seems ALL broadcasting stations employ loud background music or other distracting background noises that impair the spoken word. I have a hearing device that transmits the sound of the TV directly to my hearing aids and more often than not, the music overides any conversation that is presented through any type of program:-comedy, drama, mystery and etc. Can’t your office do something about this disturbing situation???????? and quite possibly tone down or eliminate background distractiions??

  7. SE ZAR says:

    Mr. Sorbi from Mardom TV (persion TV)at the email address
    USA.sorbi@yahoo.com has been making accusation and fall language to
    our organization Pagah Azadi email address: Isf.freedom@gmail.com.
    We have supporting documentation if necessary. Please let us know
    what legal steps we can take to stop his actions. SE ZAR ISF
    Freedom Chairman

  8. Cynthia Crabtree says:

    Dear Sir or Madame, I would like to bring to your attention
    the Operations of AT&T and Alltel in the Wyoming area. I
    was told by the Alltel customer service at this number
    1-877-930-9015 that if I changed me service to Verizon due to their
    merging with AT&T that I would not be charged the
    termination fee. The service representative stated that it was
    expectable, that it something that the company would agree with. I
    asked her again to be sure of this because I could wait until May
    for the contract to expire, but Alltel wanted my service to be
    changed before their deadline. After I made the change to Verizon,
    I check my final bill with Alltel and found I had been charged the
    termination fee. I called the Alltel customer service
    representative and was informed that they would never make a
    statement about the termination being canceled. As I have been
    visiting with others that have been asked to move from the Alltel
    Company to the AT&T Company, I have discovered that I am
    not the only one that was lied to about the changing of their
    service. One store representative stated that Alltel has informed
    them not to tell it like it is due the possible canceling of
    customers. Alltel and AT&T made it seem like such a small
    thing to do– the change and if you didn’t change by January 7,
    2011 then they would make the decision for about your phone type
    and plan. They made it seems like such an emergency to get changed
    or lose your service and your choice of plan. I have visited with a
    supervisor about this and was informed that I would have to like
    it. I would like the people of Wyoming to know what kind of company
    this is. Where I live the service from AT&T is not
    expectable. Dropped calls and not service areas. Because I work
    with a fire department and ambulance service my cell phone service
    very important. Wyoming doesn’t need this kind of bad service and
    worse customer service representatives. I would like to thank for
    any assistance you can give me and the people of Wyoming before
    anyone else get stuck. Unless Alltel credits the termination fee
    (which I believe would be fair)I am stuck. Thank you,

  9. robert barone says:

    I recievd an email from what I thought was ATT my internet
    service.They required me to give the the followuing info. User
    Name,Pass Word,Birthdate and Country.I called ATT and asked them if
    this was for real and they told me it was a SCAM.They gave me a
    scam address of scam@abuse,att.net. Here is the email address that
    was on the end of their email to me.
    cservices3409@rocketmail.com.Is there anyway you could stop this
    type of message…

  10. Marshal D. Dolgin says:

    I am trying to change my address with the FCC. I am an Amateur Radio Operator. My call sign is KB9G. How do I get my password so I can give it to QRZ.. My phone is 414-***-****. What other information do you need to help me out?? I tried calling the FCC but the line is always busy!!! Looking forward to hearing from you !!!!!!

  11. Dear Sir, Please give my answer the qoestion is below. How
    to found of lower power fm lincense?

  12. Marshal D. Dolgin says:

    Do I use a Form 605 (what revision) to change my address on
    my license?? If this is not the form what do I do?? Thanks KB9G
    Marshal Dolgin

  13. ctonyr says:

    Stay away from DVDseasonbuy.com,.. Ordered DVS set, after repeated emails asking where my package was they finaly showed up, the package was from China and the language on the box in sweedish. We put in Season One DVD and it was Season Three, very poor quality obviosley done in someones garage and illegal. Contacted them via email and they refused to give me a return address to ship the package, contact my credit card and they could not refund my money unless I provided a signed return label so I got ripped off. Sent the DVDs to the FBI along with compies of all my emails, Days after purchasing the DVDs on thier site, my credit card had a bunch of fraudulant charges and had to be shut down. Major scam!!!!!…The site is a front for a credit card skimming scam.

  14. Natalija Dolsak says:

    My name is Natalija Dolsak. I bought notebook listed below in 2006 and sent 2 months ago to my sister/parents in Croatia. They are unable to pick it up and laptop is sitting at the custom because I can not provide with EC Declaration of Conformity. It is in the custom and sitting charges are accumulated (as it is old and not worth more that $70.00, they will probably have to pay a lot to pick it up).
    I contacted gateway customer service, learn that is sold to ACER, and that computer is old so they can not find that EC Declaration of Conformity, so they provided me with your website, in order to get helped!
    I am sending information’s that I have regarding that notebook. Could you please sent me that EC Declaration of Conformity, as I was instructed to required.
    Thank you so much,
    Sincerely, Natalija Dolsak

    Gateway notebook, Windows XP media Center Version 2005 with updated rollup 2
    Type :Gateway MX6956
    Serial :T3A6A41001054
    On the operating system disk package number is:7515384

  15. Huldah's Caribbean Cuisine says:

    Siince the 1/23/12 my Business Telephone Line is down, I am losing business up to now and it is not reinstated as yet. today 2/6/12. I called ATT and I was informed my number is in another business name with another company and they will put an order to retrieve it again. I am wondering who did this to me and if this could be traced because this person should compensate me for the business I lost. many of my customers thought that I had closed when they could not reach the business by phone.

    February 6th, 2012.

  16. LISA GLAUS says:


  17. patrick west says:

    why is a little town in mercer tn is the last to get highspeed internet speed at&t said that they can’t up the speed becouse that fcc won’t let them and i won’t to know why? I would like to watch hd tv but we can’t get the speed it looks like other little town’s around has the highspeed i thank if other town’s so shoud this town

  18. A Darga says:

    106.7 and 105.5 in Traverse City MI recently changed their format to ESPN radio. I would like to ask if you would consider putting another news talk station on the air with various programs like The Jason Lewis Show and RedEye Radio. Many people enjoyed these programs along with other conservative talk radio that we have. Thank you.

  19. edmund boudreau says:

    hello, we need someone to call us at 727-386-5577, when we lived in Massachusetts we have a cell phone tower on our property, the only information on the gate surrounding the tower is a registration number but it doesn’t give us any info on who to call. it is very important someone to please call Edmund boudreau at the number above to get more info on our situation. the tower registration number is 283355236, please help usand please call him back. Thank You, we don’t know who else to contact, we were told to contact the fcc. sincerely, Edmund Boudreau.

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