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An Independent agency of the government of the United States is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The agency works in the areas like broadband, public safety, spectrum, homeland security, competition and the media. The three commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission are appointed by the President of the United States. One commissioner is designated to serve as the chairperson by the President. An FCC television or radio station license authorizes the broadcasting of programs over electromagnetic spectrum at definite power in an area. The spectrum is divided for different makes use of at different frequencies like a portion is assigned to radio and TV broadcasting while another to cellular etc.

The Federal Communications Commission was established by the Communications Act of 1934. That year, the Federal Radio Commission was abolished and transferred licensing to Federal Communications Commission. The Headquarters of FCC is Washington D. C. FCC’s mission is to provide radio communication service and the net facility to all people at affordable cost without any discrimination of race or color. Radio station broadcasts are transmitted over frequencies like 30-300 kilohertz of low frequency to 300-3000 megahertz of ultra high frequency. TV station broadcasts are transmitted over frequencies like 30-3000 megahertz of low frequency to 300-3000 megahertz of ultra high frequency.

The broadcast licenses are issued and regulated by the FCC. It has the power to assign frequencies for each station and choose how each station makes use of the given power. The radio broadcast license of FCC cannot be used to broadcast TV programming. The two organized Bureaus of the Federal Communications Commission are namely the Consumer and Government Affairs (CGB), Enforcement Bureau (EB), International Bureau (IB), Media Bureau (MB), Wireless Telecommunications Services (WCS), Wireless Competition Bureau (WCB) and Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Each of these Bureaus has its own duties.

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  1. Donald Stevenson says:

    Dear Sir or Mam: I have written several times to The
    FCC,and never heard a word back,if you are trying to avoid me,let
    me know. I feel someone is asleep at the helm, or did the money you
    received from the ins companies overwhelm you. I am seeing at least
    300 commercials a day from Geico,Progressive,State Farm,and The
    General,and these are run every 10 minutes,on every channel,and on
    all networks. I feel the only way this could be done is with your
    approval, and someone taking a bribe . That is why I will be asking
    My State Congressman,and Senators to have an investigation,into
    your actions, or inactions. If you can explain it call me.or lets
    see what happens. I know I am correct about what I said. If you
    have a rebutal,call me at # 1-321-480-8646,if you can. I will be
    waiting ,not holding my breath.

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