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FCC chairman seeks conditions on Comcast, NBC deal

The head of the Federal Communications Commission is proposing regulatory conditions to ensure that cable TV giant Comcast Corp. cannot stifle competition in the video market once it takes control of NBC Universal.

The conditions laid out Thursday by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski are intended to guarantee that satellite providers and other rival television services can still carry marquee NBC programming and that new Internet video distributors can get the content they need to grow and compete. Continue reading

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Careers in aviation

Who is that in the field of aviation? To answer the question, Federal Communication Commission has come up with an idea which might seem quite absurd at first. The idea is this that one who claims to be an expert in the field of aviation should have a license from FCC. The idea is not that weird as one goes into detail. The reason being, FCC is supposed to regulate electronic communications of all sorts, which definitely includes radars and radios of the modern air crafts.
Now the next question for an interested and potent candidate is how to get it. Having attained the primary practical prerequisite of getting employed as technician in avionics and get graduation degree, a few steps follow. Continue reading

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FCC Passes Net Neutrality, Everyone Delighted

If, as some say, a deal can only be called successful when everyone involved leaves the table unsatisfied, then the net neutrality rules approved at a meeting this … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality – Joakim Nygård

Net neutrality is the proposition that internet service providers should provide equal access to all information from any source. Among the big questions has been whether wireless internet access should be treated differently than wired … Continue reading

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FCC: We Won’t Regulate Wireless Net-Neutrality as Hard as Wired …

You read that title correctly. Net neutrality regulation over the wireless spectrum isn’t as necessary because Android is open source. How the FCC went. Continue reading

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How to file a complaint with the FCC

We at encourage you to enter into a debate about anything that relates to the FCC or simply post your rants and raves. We are your platform to speak and be heard. reaches tens of thousands of readers every day. Feel free to Register or Log In and post your opinion, complaint, vision or review of any service related issues you might have. Be heard! Continue reading

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Satellite Licenses Approval

In order to expedite the authorization process, FCC, all the applications for satellite licenses are grouped in to two categories, GSO and NGSO. The GSO or geosynchronous orbit applications are served on first come basis. The NGSO or the non-geosynchronous orbit satellites are clubbed according to their frequencies for review. Continue reading

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How Does FCC Regulate Satellite Licenses

In the field of radio and tv broadcasting, the FCC issues broadcast licenses (without charge) to radio and tv stations in provided they uphold their commitment to serve community needs. The FCC has the power to levy fines to stations or revoke licenses should the stations be in violation of the FCC rules. The Commission also regulates the ownership of media, which includes how many stations a single company can own and their cross-ownership, if any, of different media sectors like broadcast stations and newspapers. Continue reading

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Open Internet Apps – FCC Challenge at

The Federal Communications Commission has posted a challenge at calling software developers, inventors and researchers to create applications that will give monitoring power to the and customer and protect the Open Internet. With this FCC encourages the development and use of open Internet Software tools as well as research on similar open Internet measurement results, methods, techniques and approaches. Continue reading

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Federal Communication Commission Satellite Licenses – Satellite Internet

Internet via satellite is governed by most of the rules for other types of broadband services because it is considered as broadband. One of these rules governs the speed which must be 200 kbps minimum. The internet services must always be on although disruptions due to inclement weather are allowed. Plus, it must support VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Continue reading

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